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How to do your Business Accounts

Are you a last-minute person when it comes to updating your business records?     Well, lets look at your system.   I have found some people think they need to have a computerised system. For the small business person, the good news is that there is a way of your bookkeeping “doing itself”. The end goal of…

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecast Forecasting money can be vital to business. It gives you control, stops any unnecessary payments and interest and improves your credit score. If you would like to receive help with cash flow Jones Accountants offer an in depth financial report which we will go through with you and action all the points.…

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Invoice Financing (advancing money owed to you by your customers)

Do you have difficulty with cashflow? Do you currently have an arrangement with the bank which is costing you a fortune? Are you signed into a long term contract? Jones Accountants have made arrangements for their client to pay only 1-3% on any financing, no contract and the flexibility to choose which invoices to advance.…

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How do Accountants keep their own records

Simple …. keep separate bank accounts for personal and business transactions. Open a separate bank account for your business and apply for a debit card for that account. Ensure you have a debit card for your personal account. Then when purchasing materials and expenses for your business use your business card, and if you buy…

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Are digital accounts better than good old pen and paper?

Digital Accounts can save 35% of your time.  They are a cross between a smartphone anticipating what you want to do and an ‘Alexa’ assisting you in doing it. The self-learning features in the new style of digital software make them so much more.   Their automatic functions replace the tasks that you just never…

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