How do Accountants keep their own records

Simple …. keep separate bank accounts for personal and business transactions.
Open a separate bank account for your business and apply for a debit card for that account. Ensure you have a debit card for your personal account. Then when purchasing materials and expenses for your business use your business card, and if you buy personal items use your personal card.
You can expand on this system by adding both bank accounts to sites such as Paypal, Amazon, eBay, etc. This will keep all your records tidy, all your business transaction will be logged on your business bank statements.
If you want to be more organised, download an app such as CamScan. It allows you to snap a picture of receipts, notes, cheques, anything that you wish to keep in your records. CamScan and your bank statements can to set up to be copied to your Accountants. Dont even have to gather your records to send to the Accountant.

Do you have problems keeping records, perhaps I can help ?

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