Have you thought about what would happen if your computer broke or you were hacked?

Would you lose all the data on your computer ? It is worth taking a moment to check if you have adequate security and back up.

In the last month I have spoken to 2 clients who have had the same problem, that their computer system has been hacked, they are locked out and the hacker (based in South Africa we believe) has asked for a large ransom to unlock it.

In both cases they have not been able to restore their data. All the contents of their computer including sales information accounts information letters to clients emails etc have all been lost.

Do you back up your data regularly? Is this in a separate place to your computer?

Backing up the contents of your computer is very important. It has been my experience that computers do you have off days, accidents happen and there is certainly a lot of hackers happy to cause problems.. Your data may need re-imputing or worse still a new computer has to be purchased.

Back ups make life so much easier to restore the computer with an up to date backup

Prevention , Anti virus software, Cure, Regular backups, off site.

We advise to

– Check you have Internet security such as Norton anti-virus or similar.

– Check that it is up to date

– Check that you have downloaded Malwarebytes which is a free program

– Check that you have a backup system, either cloud or memory stick. If you choose to backup on your computer, take separate backups in a separate place such as cloud or on a memory stick. This way if you computer breaks down you back up has not gone with it.