QuickFile – the perfect solution for small business accounts

Why should small business owners use QuickFile?

Accounting is an important part of conducting business – it is a task that many business owners loath to do, but it is an integral part of business management and no organisation can run successfully without an up to date set of accounts. Small business accounting involves raising customer invoices, processing customer payments, managing employee wages, paying supplier invoices and other associated monetary tasks. If not managed correctly and efficiently, this can easily spiral out of control and cause serious issues including loss of custom and revenue.

Due to the importance of accounting for small businesses, it is vital that you strive to maintain a coherent set of books and make use of any advantage that an accounting package or piece of software may offer. If you do not have a dedicated accounting department, using complex programs such as Sage could require specialised training and a deep understanding of accounting terminology etc – This could be time-consuming, expensive, and counter-productive. A viable alternative is the QuickFile accounting software that is easy to use, intuitive and great for small business accounts. What exactly is QuickFile and how can it benefit your business?

What is QuickFile?
QuickFile is a cloud accounting solution that is targeted at small businesses. QuickFile was originally designed for use by a non-accountant, i.e. someone that hasn’t had any previous financial training. QuickFile uses a combination of customizable software and online systems to provide a robust accounting package that encompasses every aspect of your businesses financial management.


What benefits does QuickFile offer to Small Businesses?

Small businesses require an accounting package that is straightforward, easy to use and all encompassing. QuickFile offers exactly that and puts usability and convenience first whilst not sacrificing functionality or performance. QuickFile offers the following for small businesses:

– Raising and processing of customised invoices that can be emailed to your customers.

– Preparation of VAT returns to be sent straight to HMRC.

– Customer payment management including reminders and receipts.

– Preparation of statements and other financial documentation.
– Upload of bank statements and receipts using your PC or Smartphone.
– Create scheduled backups of your financial documents and accounts.
– Various payment options including WorldPay, SagePay, PayPal and Bitcoin.
– Option to create a branded portal that your customers can access.
– Dedicated, live customer support.
– High level of automation to remove time-consuming data entry.

As you can see, QuickFile truly is a fantastic package that can solve your accounting problems. It offers the small business owner accessibility, ease of use, and also interactivity with customers. Invoices can be created and processed quickly, customers can access your online portal and send payments manually, you can even scan business receipts using your phone!

If you are looking for a no-hassle solution, this really is the way forward, and you can also rest assured that your important financial data is secure as QuickFile uses 2-factor authentication and encryption for data transactions etc.

Using QuickFile, you should be capable of working through large amounts of accounting data in a short period of time, and improving your financial management ten-fold.

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NEST scam emails

Warning – NEST scam emails

15 February 2017


Be aware that fraudsters are sending emails purporting to be from NEST saying that an amount (in excess of normal contributions) will be debited from the recipients account.


A comment on Accounting Web’s Any Answers has warned people about the phishing email sent out recently which claims to be from NEST. Apparently the email is an impressive fake with all the formatting and wording identical to a genuine message. One of the signs of a scam email is incorrect grammar and typos and this email apparently contained no errors.


The piece notes that NEST has confirmed that the messages are not genuine and should not be opened.


NEST’s Twitter timeline also confirms this and contains other reports of people receiving these emails.

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Meal Allowances

HMRC have introduced new allowance for meals whilst working away from the usual place of work.

Minimum journey travel time Maximum meal allowances

5 Hours £5

10 hours £10

15 hours £25

This must be to a temporary work place and any travel time under 5 hours, the employee are not entitled to the allowance

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Internet Security

Have you thought about what would happen if your computer broke or you were hacked?

Would you lose all the data on your computer ? It is worth taking a moment to check if you have adequate security and back up.

In the last month I have spoken to 2 clients who have had the same problem, that their computer system has been hacked, they are locked out and the hacker (based in South Africa we believe) has asked for a large ransom to unlock it.

In both cases they have not been able to restore their data. All the contents of their computer including sales information accounts information letters to clients emails etc have all been lost.

Do you back up your data regularly? Is this in a separate place to your computer?

Backing up the contents of your computer is very important. It has been my experience that computers do you have off days, accidents happen and there is certainly a lot of hackers happy to cause problems.. Your data may need re-imputing or worse still a new computer has to be purchased.

Back ups make life so much easier to restore the computer with an up to date backup

Prevention , Anti virus software, Cure, Regular backups, off site.

We advise to

– Check you have Internet security such as Norton anti-virus or similar.

– Check that it is up to date

– Check that you have downloaded Malwarebytes which is a free program

– Check that you have a backup system, either cloud or memory stick. If you choose to backup on your computer, take separate backups in a separate place such as cloud or on a memory stick. This way if you computer breaks down you back up has not gone with it.

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Marriage Allowance

If you are married/civil partnership and one partner earns under £11’000 and on earns between £11’001-£43’000 then you can transfer the lowest of the earners personal allowance to the highest earner.

This can reduce the higher earners tax bill up to £220 in the 15/16 tax year.

! Did you also know, you can back date the claim to 14/15 !

Apply here!


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